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Company Name: Unique Vision International Limited.
Country/Region: Taiwan
Address: No. 1, Lane 25, Lane 92, Yangguang Street, Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-26582352
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water wave cooling pad

1. Comprehensively improve the current mats and gel mats to support people with a small amount of water
Body, patented wave structure, effectively lowers temperature and provides comfortable sleep
2. Compared with commercially available mats and gel cooling pads, it is effective and obvious in cooling.
Our company specializes in overseas purchasing and sales of Taiwanese products to the mainland. If you want to sell products to the mainland, please contact Jiahong for sales.
3. Designed in various sizes, it also has a variety of different functions. It is a good companion for home office and travel.
Satisfy your needs
4. It has the advantages of traditional waterbeds and improves its shortcomings to make it easy to use and can be used wherever you go.
5. The new patented wave design uses the principle of hot and cold convection to achieve rapid and effective cooling.
Wen, mainland and Taiwan patents, Republic of China patent: M378691
6. Using water waves can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning, save energy, reduce carbon and save money.
Quite a few
The "double-channel wave design" of the "Water Wave Convection Cooling Mat" has reformed the previous water mat design.
The temperature will rise but there are still disadvantages. Special hot and cold convection design. Two-way convection is formed in the pad. When you
After sitting down, coupled with the squeezing and movement of the human body weight, the cold water and warm water will convection with each other, so
No matter how long you sit, the temperature will not rise.
Straw mats and bamboo mats are too hard. They are not very comfortable and may even pinch your skin. They will still get hot after sitting for a long time.
"Water wave convection cooling pad" is made of medical grade PVC-k80. It is not only friendly to the human body but also
Highly harmonious. Excellent comfort. Complies with EU EN71-3 inspection standards. No hardening. No skin contact.
It will have a sticky feeling! It is also resistant to friction and high pressure.
"Water wave convection cooling pad" is divided into three sizes: large, medium and small. It has a wide range of uses.
The large size can be "seamlessly connected" to cover a single bed. Or it can be placed across a double bed for 2 people.
Let your couple stay cool all night until dawn and enjoy the water bed. It’s so fun!
The medium-sized "Water Wave Convection Cooling Cushion" can be placed on the sofa or hung on a chair with a backrest.
You feel cold from your back to your buttocks. You don’t feel hot after sitting for a long time. You feel refreshed!
The small size "Water Wave Convection Cooling Mat" can be placed on a single seat or computer chair, allowing you to sit still for a long time.
Burn, cool down and sit for a day. It can be folded and used as a pillow to calm your mind and cool your shoulders and neck.
Water wave multifunctional soft and comfortable water cooling pad
Size: L(100*82cm) / M (100*46cm) / S (66*48cm)

Unique Vision International Limited.

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